Ristorante Asti Gener Neuv
Asti Ristorante Gener Neuv

Restaurant Gener Neuv
Lungo Tanaro dei Pescatori 4
14100 Asti Italia
Tel. +39 0141 557270
Mobile +39 333 4220416
Fax +39 0141 436723

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For your wedding anniversary,
birthday or name day,
for your childs’ high school diploma
or university degree,
for a contract,
a date
or a gift...
in all these special occasions you have the opportunity to give an excellent dinner as a present...

A dinner as a present: it doesn’t get dusty, it doesn’t break, it can’t be forgotten and it doesn’t go out of fashion.

It is an event that you will remember forever .


Gener Neuv Award 2011
"...at table with the great music
and beautiful singing"

Also this year, after the success of previous editions, Monday, June 27, 2011 The restaurant Gener Neuv will give the

“ Gener Neuv Award 2011”

to the organist Maestro Giuseppe Gai
and clarinetist Maestro Giampiero Sobrino